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    Guangdong South Hongming(Hong Kong) Electronic Science And Technology Co.,Ltd

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    Guangdong South Hongming(Hong Kong) Electronic Science And Technology Co.,Ltd(China Factory)

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  • Add:Newton Industrial Park,Hengli Village,Wangniudun Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province
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A professional factory with integration of independent research and development ,production and sales. The oldest and largest in the industry;Full automatic machine operation.Advanced technology;Products are with large variety of kinds, large capacity, short cycle and good quality comforming to the international standard. Better prices than imported products;After-sales service guaranteed.

The first brand of global safety capacitors, varistors and products are widely used in various fields, including all kinds of electronic circuits and electronic machine, high and low voltage power supply, communications equipment.Energy power facilities, computer and peripheral products, TV, DVD, audio equipment, microwave oven, air conditioner, medical apparatus , lamps and other consumer electronic products;

Passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 certificate. Full set of safety capacitance certifications with ten national security quality certifications, and the patent certificate, awarded the China aerospace qualified suppliers, and military quality, space security;

Product sales covers various areas all over the world. Long service in the world 500 strong enterprises. They all have scheduledto assess the factory and help us to improve the management ; Flexible ways to trade, invoices are available, customs clearance and factory transfer.With offices in dongguan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, it’s possible for receiving delivery outside Hong Kong

HongMing products by national

South HongMing was founded in 1988. The company manufacture various products including full range of ceramic and safety capacitors, film capacitors, monolithic ceramic capacitors, varistors, PTC / NTC thermistor, buzzers and other high-end electronic devices. Products are widely applied for all kinds of electronic circuits...